THE GIANT consists of a 1800m long swim, 96km (2600 asl) bike and a run of 20 Km (9km track to get to the main run route with 200m of negative altitude difference) + 2 laps of 5.5km on a completely flat road)

– Swim + T1: 1h
– Swim + T1 + Bike + T2: 7h30
– Maximum time: 9h30′
Race closure: ore 18:00

There will be two transition areas. The first is next to the beach at the south-west side of the Gallo Lake of Livigno, where the race will start. The second transition area is located in Trepalle (part of the Livigno district) in Val del Pont

Registration rates:

The entry-fee for each individual Senior and Master athlete is € 150.

Discounted rates:

100,00 € before 4 Giugno 2018 or before first 100 registered athletes
120,00 € before 2 Luglio 2018 or before 200 athletes have registered
135,00 € before 31 Luglio 2018 or before 300 athletes have registered

The entry-fee for two or three-person relay teams is € 150.

Registration will close on 27 August 2018

  • It is possible to participate in the relay race and the registration fee is 150 € per team
  • The fee includes: Race pack, carbo load from 12:30 pm on Saturday 01 September, finisher medal, awards, pasta party.
  • The regulations of the Italian Triathlon Federation (Fitri) are applicable. Upon registration, the athlete will undertake to comply with these regulations in every detail.
  • Participation age:
 In 2018 only athletes of 20 years or older can participate
  • Identity document:
 All athletes must be a member of the respective Triathlon federations of their country of origin. It will be possible to buy a one-day registration for athletes who are able to show a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports obtained in Italy and valid for triathlon.
  • When collecting the race pack the license must be presented together with an identity document.
  • A penalty box will be set up in T2 where cycling infractions must be amended.
  • The competitors explicitly authorize the race organization, as well as their interested parties, such as partners, sponsors and the media, to use the images and photos from the event.


Tuesday 28th August 2018

At Livigno Lake (close to the transition area):
10:00am Bike recognition –  THE GIANT Livigno Stelvio Triathlon
2:00pm Swim recognition – Livigno Lake

Wednesday 29th August 2018

At Livigno Lake (close to the transition area)
5:00am Swim Recognition
10:00am Bike recognition – Triathlon cross country Livigno
At PLAZA PACHEDA (Via Saroch 1098, 23030-Livigno):
2:00pm-5:00pm Opening of the race office and race pack collection
5:30pm Meeting for Sunset Run
6:00pm Livigno Sunset Run (a non-competitive 5Km run, with free entry)

Thursday 30th August 2018

At PLAZA PACHEDA (Via Saroch 1098, 23030-Livigno):
10:00am-5:00pm Opening of the race Office and race pack collection
3:00pm Icon Italian Briefing
4:00pm Icon English Briefing
5:30pm Presentation of the Icon athletes

Friday 31st August 2018

At PLAZA PACHEDA (Via Saroch 1098, 23030-Livigno):
10:00am-5:00pm Opening of the race Office nd race pack collection
4:00am Opening of transition zone
5:00am Closing of transition zone
5:15am Start of ICON
6:30pm Expected arrival of the first athlete
1:00am Closure of the Icon race

Saturday 1st September 2018

At PLAZA PACHEDA (Via Saroch 1098, 23030-Livigno):
10:00am-6:30pm Opening of the race Office and race pack collection
From 11:00am ICON Award Ceremony and Lunch+ Carbo load  THE GIANT Livigno Stelvio Triathlon
At PLAZA PACHEDA (Via Saroch 1098, 23030-Livigno):

5:00pm Livigno Stelvio Triathlon Long distance Briefing

Sunday 2nd September 2018

At PLAZA PACHEDA (Via Saroch 1098, 23030-Livigno):
7:00am-6:30pm Opening of the race Office and race pack collection
5:00pm dinner and THE GIANT Livigno Stelvio Triathlon and Triathlon Cross Country Award Ceremony


Swim rules

Swim: The use of a wetsuit is mandatory if the water temperature is below 16 ° C. Its use is not allowed if the water temperature is above 23 ° C. All athletes are required to wear the provided swim cap, no other caps will be allowed. A neoprene swim cap can be worn under the race swim cap

Bike rules

The road is open to ordinary traffic and the athlete must respect traffic regulations (right side of the road); it is compulsory to use a helmet (which must remain fastened throughout the cycling fraction and from the precise moment the athlete takes the bike from the rack in TA until when the athlete puts it back on the rack in TA at the end of the cycling fraction).

The following violations will have a penalty:
– Violations of traffic regulations
– Use of music devices and / or telephone
– Drafting behind a vehicle
– Using external support (athletes are not allowed to have a car follow them)

There will be refreshment points at the foot of the Stelvio (at about 35 km), at the top of the Stelvio (at about 52 km) and in Val di Dentro (at about 78.5 km). A personalized refreshment point will be present at the Stelvio Pass where athletes can also get changed and eat in a special room made available by the organization. Athletes can give the organization their bag with their personal refreshments (and any clothing) before the start; the personalized refreshment point will be set up at the Stelvio pass.

Near the refreshment area of Val di Dentro (at approximately 78.5 Km) it will be possible to hand in the clothes used for the descent; the athlete must autonomously put the garments in a bag that he will find at this refreshment point and give the bag to one of the volunteers.

Run rules

The following violations have a penalty:
– Violations of traffic regulations
– Use of musical devices and / or telephone
– Use of external support: athletes cannot be followed during this fraction (there can be no runners and / or bicycles following them), it is forbidden to give supplies to athletes except for the refreshment areas provided by the organization

Refreshments will be provided at: Km 3, Km 6, Km 9, Km 12, Km 15 at Km 18


The judges can sanction penalties or disqualify an athlete for any violations.

Minor penalties will be indicated with a yellow card and a 5-minute stop. A third yellow card or a serious violation of the rules will lead to the athlete’s immediate disqualification (red card).

A penalty box will be set up in T2 where for penalties taken during the cycling fraction


  • The wetsuit may be mandatory (if the water temperature is below 16 °); a neoprene swim cap is recommended. Neoprene socks and gloves are forbidden
  • The chip must be worn throughout the race. The organization must be notified if it is lost
  • The race number (bib number) cannot be worn during the swim fraction including under the wetsuit. It must be clearly visible in T1
  • The number must be clearly visible from behind during the bike fraction and in front during the run fraction
  • The bike must be in good condition and fully functional, especially the brakes
  • Disc brakes are allowed
  • The helmet must be approved and have the CE mark
  • Replacing the bike and wheels is not allowed
  • The medical team has the right to tell an athlete to stop the race at any time if they believe that the athlete is no longer able to continue


  • Expected temperatures and weather conditions 
Water: 16° degrees or higher
Air: at 1800m between 5° and 25°; at 2300m between -3° and 20°; at 2800m between -5° and 15°
  • In case of cold water, fog or other weather conditions that put the safety of athletes in jeopardy, the swim fraction may be shortened.
  • In case of snow or extreme conditions at the Stelvio Pass, the race route could be altered
  • At the end of the race adequate refreshments will be offered
  • In case of cancellation or definitive interruption of the competition for any reason beyond the control of the Organizer and in all cases of force majeure, a decision by public authorities (in particular those motivated by public health reasons, the security and the preservation of public order), any meteorological risks or actual weather conditions, the Organizer assumes no responsibility toward competitors and the registration fee will not be refunded. At the time of registration, athletes waive the right to any type of reimbursement in relation to such cancellations or interruptions.


  • All athletes who have won an award must participate in the award ceremony. Athletes who are not present will not be entitled to receive the prize, whether in cash or in kind.
    • Prize Pool:
      If the athletes at the starting line are less than 300 the prize will be 2000 € and the first 4 finishers will be awarded
      1st place: € 400.00
      2nd place: € 300.00
      3rd place: € 180.00
      4th place: € 120.00
      if more than 300 athletes arrive at the finish line, the price will be 3000 € and the first 6 finishers will be awarded
      1st place: € 510.00
      2nd place: € 330.00
      3rd place: € 270.00
      4th place: € 225.00
      5th place: € 105.00
      6th place: € 60.00
  • The climb of the Stelvio Pass will be timed and a ranking will be put together. The absolute best  time, whether from a female or male athlete, will be awarded with a set of Orbis II C50 Carbon wheels from the brand “3T” with a value of 1.900,00 €. The athlete who has the fastest climb of the Stelvio Pass needs to however finish the race and her/his time should not be higher than 15% than that of the 2° finisher.


Accomodation will be managed by the Agency for the Promotion and Development of Tourism in Livigno
Agency for the Promotion and Development of Tourism in Livigno

Booking office

Via Saroch 1098 c/o Plaza Placheda
23030 Livigno (SO)

T +39 0342 977840
F +39 0342 977849