Livigno Stelvio Triathlon

We'll be back in 2022

At the limits, between fairytales and reality, live myths; this is the land where giants roam.
They come from when time started and live eternally; incredible beings in stature and strength.
Only the gods have the courage to face them.
They are close to dreams; only the best can reach them.
Their mystique attracts the most valuable spirits; fear, not able to bend them, rejects them.
The Stelvio resides here, imposing and dominating, a king among giants;
It reigns imperiously and provokes the best, inviting new warriors to take on its challenge.
A trumpet call announces the war.
The Giant calls on the strongest women and men.
It is time to rewrite history; new hierarchies await.
There is no dominion that cannot be bent my strong muscles and an iron will.
It is time for new conquests, to crown new heroes.
It is time for new giants.
Are you ready for the challenge?


Livigno triathlon 2022


A new great event by Eco Race

February 27th, 2018|

The Giant is a new great event organized by Eco Race which will take place on September 2 in Livigno. A challenging half distance ironman, with 1800 m of swimming, 96km of cycling with 2600 [...]